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The Free Motion Quilting Project
Shadow Waves

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Design #1 of the Free Motion Quilting Project
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Difficulty Level - Beginner. It's not very time consuming or difficult to stitch back and forth across your quilting space. The biggest challenge is keeping your stitching even and consistent and remembering to start your line with a very close echo, then gradually move it further away as you reach the opposite edge.

Filler Design Type - Edge to Edge. This design is quilted from one edge of your quilting space to the other, making it a good design to fit into open, uncomplicated areas of your quilt, like sashing or borders.

Directional Texture - 2 Directions or more. Depending on how wavy your line is to start with, your directional texture will change. An extremely wavy line will produce more texture than a less wavy line.

Suggestions for Use - This design will work great in sashing areas of any width because it can easily be stitched across the narrow space if Section Quilting your quilt.

It could also be stitched across the whole quilt in All Over Quilting Style, to create a subtle, wavy texture over complex fabrics or designs.

Watch how to quilt Shadow Waves into a 4" open block:

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